We've got all sorts of The RedHot Blues goodies for you to listen to, including a web Exclusive: Voodoo Chile live from Iraq, July 4, 2004. You can also hear samples of our entire live CD and an unreleased live cut, Merle Haggard's I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink. So check it out!



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Photos from the Early Days

The early days of The RedHot Blues were special, so we've added a page of photos cicra 1992/1993. Look for a video montage soon, too. Click here to check out the photos.

The RedHot Blues
1992 - 2007

Fifteen Years
Welcome to! The RedHot Blues are no more but this site will remain as a testament to a wonderful chapter in our lives. Poke around – listen to music, look at photos and read about the band. We will forever be grateful to everyone who came to our shows, bought our music, hired the band or shared, in any way, a part of such an incredible journey.

Over the years we were honored to play for our soldiers (and NATO troops), doing multiple tours to the Balkans and Japan, and a very special tour to Iraq to play shows celebrating July 4, 2004, including Al Asad Airbase, Camp Fallujah and Camp Taquaddum.

Where Are They?
The former members of the band are all busy. Junior has released his first solo singer/songwriter cd, Long Way Home. Read more at Dave has released Paydirt–find out more at Fab (not to be outdone!) has released No Lifeguard On Duty with Trinidadio. Casey Jones (Drummie) playes with everyone, every night, every place—ok, not really, but he is in constant demand as always. Not surprisingly, he appears on Junior's, Dave's and Fab's recent releases. Dave Sprock can be seen with The Lubricators and No Duh.

Take a look around if you want. There's pieces of fifteen years scattered around this website. Follow the links to listen, look, and read.

Thanks for the memories!